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A good chauffeur will always dress to impress.  Not necessarily a coat during 100 degree weather, but must be very professional.  Some chauffeurs wear hats, some don't.  Never show or act like you have a good amount of money!  Example:  Don't wear a Rolex to work, even a fake one, because the client may assume, that chauffeur must have more money than me!  Always wear black socks!  We've seen too many chauffeurs wear a nice black suit, then get to the bottom, and have white socks!  Why?  Never wear a wrinkled shirt to a job.  A wrinkled shirt could result reflect your tip!
Ok!  We've all heard the expression, 'Customer is always right'!  Well, it some eyes, yes, in reality, not really!  As a chauffeur, sometimes you need to just learn how to bite your tongue.  Of course, the way you treat your client will result in how big your tip could really be!  For instance, Let's say the client would like to stop at a convenience store and 'no stops' allowed on the transfer.  Well, a stop will just be a minute and could help on your tip, just remember that!  As long as it's not out the way, wasting your employers gas, shouldn't be a problem! If a client has an attitude, just remember, you're just a driver.  Let the client take it up with your employer.  If a client is treated good, no problems should occur and your tip should be a nice one.  Just remember, treat your client with respect, always!
Enough rest is always important for a chauffeur!  You want to know the reason why?  When you're driving a client, that client depends on you.  You are a complete stranger and the client is putting their life in your hands.  Always drive careful, being sociable at the same time, keeping your eye on the road.  Don't make sudden stops, especially in a limousine.  Imagine, sitting still, hard stop, client fall on the floor!  No insurance claims needed!  Just remember, on charters, get some sleep in between stops.  When the clients eating or clubbing, just hang in the limo, engine off, and take a rest, not a deep one, a 20 minute power snooze!  When the ride is smoothe, your tip will be too!
Dress to Impress!   
Eyes on the Road!   
How to treat your client!